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The hunger strike started by the victims of the dismantling of the BAI has brought the subject back into the news. For too long we have focused on the setbacks of the former Government to the point of relegating this tragedy to the fate of a quickly forgotten anecdote. But the affair had so many ramifications surrounded by numerous scandals that it was impossible to do what the members of the Government really tried to do. Indeed the ultimate goal of this Government led by the Jugnauths has always been to push the Mauritians to place all the blame for this tragedy on the shoulders of the Rawats by making believe that it is because of Dawood Rawat that hundreds of Mauritians are crying today. 

But the truth, as all Mauritians are now aware, is that it was the haste and rage with which the Government acted, which were the basis of this unprecedented collapse and catastrophe. Never have we seen a Government shoot itself in the feet with such stupidity. Some of the strongmen were intoxicated by the unexpected victory of their ragtag alliance and they began to believe that the country belonged to them. No one can dispute the fact that the Jugnauths and their regular followers such as Vishnu.L, Bodha, Jhugroo, Soodhun, among the best known, had pushed the old villain to move forward with his “craz boja” plan in instead of calming him down and getting him to adopt a more flexible and legalistic, not to say condescending, approach. The problem is always the same: the lackeys and courtiers are as guilty of this Government’s crimes as the main perpetrators themselves. The term is not strong because it is indeed the most atrocious government crime ever committed in this country. The Jugnauth Government acted with full knowledge of the facts when it began to dismantle the BAI structure. They wanted to “finish” Dawood Rawat and in the process take down Navin Ramgoolam at the same time. At no time did they have a thought for the possible victims. We can bet that Anerood Jugnauth’s response to those who raised questions about possible reactions from the public was as follows: “Mo piss ek zotte”. There is no doubt that this gang of criminals knew that hundreds of people, who were just simple customers, were going to suffer but they didn’t care at all. Provided the revenge is complete.

Today we learned that reimbursement is impossible. A company which had a turnover of Rs.51 billion before its dismantling was reduced to bankrupt entities while the “assets” of the original company were sold off with the Jugnauth relatives as the main beneficiaries and predators. Where have the classic cars gone? How can we explain that Bissoon Mungroo can appropriate more than 46 cars from major brands from the defunct Iframac for the ridiculous sum of Rs.6.5 million? How can we understand that the jewel in the crown, “Apollo Bramwell” was sold off for a third of its value while negotiations were taking place behind the scenes for commissions of Rs. 90 million which ultimately did not come to fruition? The wolves wanted to devour everything and it was ultimately the thief who was on the lookout who took advantage. How can we find the amounts owed to reimburse the victims when all the entities already have a hole of Rs.12 billion?

The Jugnauth Government has proven that since December 2014 Mauritius has become the property of the family and it is only they who decide everything. The rest is just a bunch of followers who take advantage of the situation to get fatter too. There are no principles, no sense of morality. It is arrogance and self-centeredness that predominate over everything. The latest victim of this filthy mentality after the PMSD, Bhadain, Megh Pillay and Ramjuttun at Air-Mauritius, another close to the MSM itself is forced to resign because of the pettiness within his own Party against him. Koomaren Chetty’s decision to slam the door of Landscope is the result of a series of humiliations orchestrated by a cabal living around Pravind Jugnauth.

We have said it here and we repeat it: It is not a Government that we currently have in this country but a band of profiteers and monopolists whose cynicism is matched only by their thirst for revenge and `enrichment. We need to get rid of it and as quickly as possible!!! 


Souvenir Advance Magazine 18 Sep 2017, launched by Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Leader of the Mauritius Labour Party.

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