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Sanspeur’s salaries and allowances have finally been revealed. We first reported here that Samputh was just a thin carrot. The large vegetables were well nestled in the other, even more fertile fields. Sanspeur, who should henceforth be called `Sanspudeur`, is not the only lackey to benefit from such largesse. We have said it and we repeat it: We must look at SBMH, MT, SIC, SPDC, SIT, MDFP where the allocations exceed those of the Ministers of the Republic. Salaries are decoys. This is the `package` that needs to be examined. Why so many favors? Because those in charge don’t know how to go about fixing these things. There is also the fact that it is very often a cabal. The Board and the Ministry make arrangements between themselves to allow the extravagances to continue. Do you know what they will say to justify this deficiency? There are two classic answers:

  1. It was like that before and we aligned ourselves with the PRB. But they will not tell you that the PRB only serves as a reference for parastatal bodies with the exception of those who have made formal requests for a specific report for them. 
  2. These nominees have special skills and they would earn more in the private sector.

So that would be the biggest insult to civil servants. Our public servants are really stupid. We know their capabilities. But what are they doing in the public service when they could earn ten times more in the `Private’ according to Sanspeur? The truth is quite different and it is not a lackey who has just started his apprenticeship in the kitchen who will show us how the private sector works. It is only members of very restricted clans who are entitled to the jackpots. They belong to these notorious fraternities which only have rules to help each other. Anerood Jugnauth would do well to look at all this more closely and demand that his son distance himself from these `brothers` otherwise the country will be totally under their yoke.

In view of the facts we can without hesitation assert that occult forces are in permanent operation in the country. The danger is that the Lepep Government itself is under their control. There is no more hope with this Government under the leadership of Pravind Jugnauth because he is not in control of his decisions. The mistress of the kitchen is the offspring of one of the `Grand Masters` of the Fraternity that everyone can easily guess. 

We have opened a trail. Let those who are interested in knowing the Truth continue their own research and they will discover truly surprising things.

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Souvenir Advance Magazine 18 Sep 2017, launched by Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Leader of the Mauritius Labour Party.

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