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Grave – Qui veut torpiller la Commission d’enquete sur la drogue?


The affair caused a lot of noise in the Judiciary and the Drug Inquiry Commission. The president of the commission of inquiry requested an investigation, but from the Central Barracks side, we see nothing coming.

The case begins with the testimony of the witness ‘ shok samachar’ before the commission of inquiry into drugs. The one we call George, had revealed the underbelly of the drug trafficking network with well-connected politically-connected VVIP`s.

But the day after his testimony George was to have the unpleasant surprise of seeing the ADSU police officers arrive at his house for a search to find drugs and currency. It was after receiving an anonymous call that the ADSU carried out the search which was unsuccessful because the ADSU found nothing.

But the Commission of Inquiry sees this as an attempt at intimidation in order to destabilize its work.

But after investigation, it turns out that the call in question to the ADSU was not anonymous, but came from the office of a high-ranking member of the police force and not the least!!

The question that arises is: Has the drug mafia infiltrated the highest levels of the police?

Will Mario Nobin’s police, so quick to act when it comes to members of the opposition, do the same for this case? So far we haven’t heard anything. So should we conclude that Nobin is only interested in what pleases the Government and not in what could cause it trouble? 



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