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Why is it that every time the Jugnauths are in power, the country is flooded with scandals? Indeed the list goes on endlessly. Here are the five most recent:

  1. In the strict and foul tradition of nepotism practiced by the Jugnauths we learn that a certain Ms. Naeck was promoted to the position of Administrative Officer even though until then she had only held a position in the `clerical grade’. This promotion is contested among those around her because there are other older and better qualified employees. But she has the exceptional qualification of being a niece of Anerood, therefore a cousin of the PM, Pravind and as Hierarchical Head of the Organization where the lady is stationed she is lucky to have another cousin in the person of `a Jhugroo who is related to Minister Jhugroo. This is happening under the supervision of a Government which said it was coming to build a `new’ Mauritius. Well they are doing it…by making nepotism a new mode of government.
  2. Arbitration has become a necessity under the Jugnauths, because they screw everything up without thinking about the consequences of their actions. After Betamax (Rs. 8 billion), BAI of Rawat (Rs. 35 billion) here is another claim which seems to result in a condemnation of the Government to compensate the painter. The Doutremepuich, owners of a laboratory specialist in DNA analysis located in France, had obtained a contract in 2014 to start a laboratory in Mauritius where the need for DNA analysis is urgent. But in 2016 Jugnauth terminated the contract without any valid explanation. `where the recourse to international arbitration. This risks costing us millions more.
  3. Within the National Aviation Company it is like at the Court of King Pétaud. While lines like Emirates etc make millions serving Mauritius, Air Mauritius posts a loss of Rs.600 million for the first quarter of 2018. Every time the Jugnauths are in Government it’s the same story. We place political agents or yoyos there and we obtain the result we deserve. It is not the Bissoon Mungroo and other camaron suppliers who will make this company national pride.
  4. At SBM, the second largest bank in the country, the big clean-up began after the toxic loan scandals and the disappearance of a broker with the bank’s Rs.900 million. But who pays the price? The CEO of SBM was fired. As if that’s how a banking institution works. What were the members of the Board doing / And especially the Chairman of SBM Holdings who is another defector political nominee in addition? Other mistakes exist. Contracts are allocated to companies whose promoters are part of the Institution. Sons of Ministers were placed there without calls for applications so we can guess to what extent the bandits feel covered.
  5. Pravind’s promises about his determination to never hide the truth on national issues have proven to be completely false. While the Drugs Commission has produced enough evidence to initiate immediate action against the names mentioned in the report, Pravind is hiding behind curtains of filthy covers. Ministerial Committee, Task Force and what next? What miracle will come from the Head of the ICAC who will chair this `Farce` while he is still sitting on files concerning Samputh and the national Choomka? Furthermore, the laws are clear and the ADSU is fully authorized to carry out investigations in complete freedom and without any hindrance in this type of matter. Are we taken for idiots? It is clear that nothing is going to come of all these `pranks`. The Jugnauths know what they are looking for.  



Souvenir Advance Magazine 18 Sep 2017, launched by Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Leader of the Mauritius Labour Party.

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