And the show will continue…

Hello! Anyone there! Who is at the head of affairs of the country these days?  That’s a tough question indeed!  For tough questions, we need stern journalists to be able to ask them.Problem is what if the answers themselves are evasive and instead of clearing our minds, leave us more doubtful!


The response to questions put in by journalists to the ruling coalition MPs are really shocking, disgusting and somewhat hilarious as well lately.  As a citizen of this country, we have all the rights to know what is happening as far as policy decisions are concerned and how  public money is being spent.   However, during the last few months, we have been used to sarcastic answers like “I don’t know” or “how am I supposed to know ” or sometimes shocking ones like “this does not fall under my ministry” or simply “no comments”. 


Ever since SAJ has announced his possible step down as Prime Minister for the benefit of his son Jugnauth Junior, there seems to be a panic in the government with one wing wishing this transition at the earliest and the other apprehending this political move, bearing in mind the pressure coming from the general public who have voted Jugnauth Senior as PM.  This has created a haywire situation within the MSM party itself. Some MPs who were not so long ago at the beck and call of Jugnauth senior are now cajoling the son.  Is it because this re-alignment in power will undeniably lead to a reshuffling of the cabinet?  As such, everyone is willing to be in the good book of the new king.  Only time will tell!  In the meantime,this political unrest at the head of the state is continuing to nag the economy.


The private sector seems to have switched to a wait and see move.  With the recent tumbling of Mauritius in the ease of doing business index, the Brexit and now the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the economy is set to continue facing some tough time ahead.  Alongside the already intriguing unemployment statistics, the still unconvincing nine- year schooling, the ongoing BAI scandals and the cases where the government is being sued, the tug of war between the Jugnauth Senior clan and Jugnauth Junior one is worrying indeed. 


Things are not expected to calm down so soon with both parties constantly contradicting each other in the media.  The recent Air Mauritius scandal is a blatant example.  What about the other minor political parties forming the government?  What are their views and positions on this epic battle?  Well, as expected, some of them are continuously playing the game of the blind, deaf and dumb.    According to them, one faction of the government is toiling hard and bringing results whilst the other is constantly hitting the headlines for wrong reasons.  They are therefore not interested to get embroiled in the conflicts of the day.We will see how long they remain immune from criticism as the public is well aware of their thirst  for power and their obsession to retain same by hook or by crook and even if that entails swallowing their own self esteem. So much said, we are now left with three clans; one clan supporting Jugnauth Senior, the other Jugnauth Junior and the latest one whom we shall call the fencers.  The latter are always sitting on the fence waiting for the appropriate time to jump.


Jugnauth Junior recently pointed out that he is well aware of the situation prevailing at Air Mauritius despite MK falling under the aegis of the PMO and not the MOFED.  Strange situation indeed as the one who is supposed to be kept informed is ignorant.  This usurpation of Ministry is common anyway under the Lepep Government.  Jugnauth Junior also said that a decision had to be taken to axe the CEO of MK as the latter and the Chairman were not looking in the same direction.  Following the same logic therefore, either him or his father has to be brushed aside for the good of the government and country in general sooner or later.  We cannot have two captains on board the same ship.  Until that happens though, major problems like water supply, drugs and red economic indicators continue to be relegated to second plan.  The whole country is captured by this political striptease and musical chair.  We must it.  It is enjoyable!  We are well served and it spares us from watching the daily soap serials on TV. However no one would wish for  this comedy show to go on for another three years. The country will have fallen  so down by then,that there will be no comedy but tragedy to watch !


The young observer.